Mount Gambier, Millicent & Penola



I would just like to thank the Millicent group and the Mt Gambier group for having me come visit at The Junction to talk about essential oils… All I can say is that I’m blown away by such an organisation that is run by volunteers, this really warms my heart. I wish I had known about this group years ago when I was at my lowest, suffering extreme anxiety and depression, but that’s ok its been a journey and has got me to where I am today. I’m just so glad right now at this moment, that I’ve had the opportunity to introduce doTERRA’s Essential Oils to you all, and the majority of you have enjoyed the experience and have something to take home with you from our session… whether it be a smile, a roller bottle, or new knowledge on essential oils.

I thoroughly enjoyed both sessions in Millicent and Mt Gambier, you were all such a lovely bunch and I’m really looking forward to coming back again one day.

I started my journey with doTERRA in October 2016 and I use the essential oils on a daily basis, which helps me get through the day and support my moods and emotions. In Jan 2017 I did a few classes and workshops and I haven’t stopped since. I love to empower others to take responsibility for themselves and give these natural solutions a try. The oils are so versatile and can be used in many ways… from flavouring food dishes, first aid, supporting our children and low tox cleaning in the home. And the overall health of myself and my family has been so much better.

Kind regards, Mel Beggs


A Beginner at Meditation and Mindfulness

On the first day of the 8 week course ran at the Junction off Mindfulness and meditation I had no idea at all who would be there, what to do or say I had no idea that there was any course for meditation but there was. I sat there didn’t say a thing to except who my name was I didn’t care that I was the youngest there.

By the end of a couple of weeks I would start to say things and speak to other people in the group and I had notice that hey this isn’t too bad after all, I knew that I had to stick to attending each session and doing or practicing the meditation at home.

I started meditation in the night time and the first thing in the morning so it doesn’t matter what time off the day you meditate providing that you do it on a daily basic. I also bought colouring books to help with the relaxing or stress in between doing the meditation.

I have meet some wonderful people in the group I thoroughly recommend people to give it a go it’s a great way to try and distress I meditate daily and I’m going to continue with the meditation as I know what to do. It won’t happen overnight but plenty of practice over a period of time you will get used to doing the meditation daily like I have .

I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 weeks off the course meeting different people and making friends and learning how to meditate which I could never ever do so I highly recommend this for people to try. As I said practice will be perfect and you will fill heaps calm and relaxed as well.

Prefers the name not published